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The problems in our society are numerous. The challenges often seem insurmountable. Poverty, homelessness, unemployment, drugs, crime, the inability to get ahead and achieve the American dream. 

These things are unacceptable in a country -and a region- where we have the people and intellectual capital to stamp out these conditions in society. We have the ability to achieve Victory for Our Region if we work together and focus on the things that build us up rather than on the things that tear us us apart!

With your help, we can, and will, change our communities as we change the conditions of the people living there!

Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting." - Napoleon Hill

Our Mission

Our mission is to build communities by providing basic human needs such as food and shelter and by empowering at-risk youth and adults to become victorious in their lives.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision a day when our communities properly meet the basic human needs of all their residents and provide attainable opportunities and support for people to become all God intended them to be.

Our Founder

After running for Senate in 2018, Brooke Lunsford saw the need to create a clear plan for change in our region. Impacted while learning about the poverty and living conditions affecting the people of West Virginia, especially in the foster care system and among our veterans, Lunsford knew it was time to do something about it. 

He founded Victory for Our Region, a not-for-profit organization, with a mission to build communities by providing basic human needs such as food and shelter and by empowering at-risk youth and adults to become victorious in their lives.


Especially troublesome to Brooke is that there are over 6,700 kids in foster care in West Virginia who do not have a permanent home. And there are many homeless veterans and little affordable housing where low income people and Veterans are able to comfortably live in peace.


Lunsford wants to change all that and help the downtrodden, neglected, and heroes of our nation- to give them a safe place they can call their own. Through a wide range of partnerships and caring community organizations, including Rotary International, where he is a Paul Harris Fellow and currently President of the Milton Club, he is confident we will do it together and claim Victory for our Region.


Our Leadership

Board of Directors


Brooke Lunsford
Board Chairman & CEO

Realty Exchange 

John Bird
Board Vice Chairman

Forestry and Arson Investigator

Dr. Hadassah Frye
Board Secretary

Medical Director,

Cabell Huntington

Advisory Board

Brad Adkins


David Adkins

Office of Mayor Hamlin


Kayla Adkins

Teacher, FCA 


Tommy Barrett      

Lincoln County High School Coach


Matt Beckett

Tina Black

Lincoln County Schools

Trina Barrett

Lincoln County Schools

Gerald Boling

Mr. B's LLC

Keith Cook 



Katie Davidson

Counselor, Lincoln County

Middle School

Monica Dial

Foster Care 


Elly Donahue



Randy Kveton

Hospitality and

Tourism Bureau     

Holly Lucas

Veteran, PR Navy


Vicki Dunn-Marshall

Mark Maynard

State Senator

Zach Maynard

Delegate Lincoln County


Linda McCarthy 


Jennifer McKay

Ashley Furniture


Wayne Salmons 



Staci Shimp

HR U.S. Foods


John Shimp



Josh Stowers

Lincoln County Commissioner

We Need Your Support Today!

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