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  • Brooke Lunsford

Our CEO is Running for Governor!

The problems in our area are numerous. The challenges often seem insurmountable: poverty, homelessness, unemployment, drugs, crime, and the inability to get ahead and achieve the American dream. These things are unacceptable in a region where we have the desire, the people and intellectual capital to stamp out these conditions. But, there is good news. We can change this. That's why I'm running for Governor. I believe that with the right leadership in place - leadership that puts God first - we can reduce the rates of homelessness, crime, unemployment, drugs and poverty! I believe it's the only answer to all of these problems. I'd like to ask that you stand with me to make change in our communities, and pledge your support to help combat these societal ills, too. Your support is a testament to the importance of these issues in our area. How can you help? If you have a problem that needs to be addressed, I want to know. If you have been marginalized, forgotten or ignored, I want to know. If you have an idea that can help make life better for someone else, I want to know. Then, when I become Governor, we will tackle the problems and put the plans in place, together. That's my promise, and my pledge. Let's make a difference. Let's do it together. Let's put Jesus back in the pilot's seat where He belongs! In Service,

Brooke Lunsford

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